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Attached Images Last edited by oenix; at 04:23. I just got hold of a bunch of these. Reply With", 07:15 AM #13 look at the. Are they fake or real? One

Attached Images Last edited by oenix; at 04:23. I just got hold of a bunch of these. Reply With", 07:15 AM #13 look at the. Are they fake or real? One should remember one essential point about this product. Because of the absence of edema, muscle growth, which will be noticeable when using primobolan, will actually increase the quality mass and not water retention in the body. Btw, this is the only ampule that has the label right to the bottom. The Effectuality of Primobolan, one of the most common myths associated with this steroid is its huge potential for muscle growth. Primobolan comes in oral and injectable forms, however, injectable is more effective because it is not being destroyed by liver. Those who have more patience or are afraid of potential side effects will usually be very satisfied with a stack of Primobolan 200-400mg/week and Deca Durabolin 200-400 mg/week. As stated above, primobolan is high quality steroid. Sign In to see. This is true with all steroid cycles but with Primo it is even more important. Reply With", 03:56 AM #7 Here are some pics of the box also.

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The most efficient way of tren steroid training is the anabolic steroids effects on performance one that includes primobolan, Testosterone and Trenbolone Acetat. Correct dosage, Primo needs to be run at a higher dose, 600mgs per week plus. Reply With", 04:14 AM #23 i couldnt find solid info on Oxandrolone tabs, but they seem Bulgarian. And you're out a bunch of Reply With", 07:06 PM #25 primobolon from turkey. If it looks the same then you should have the right stuff. Guess thats THE only WAY TO find OUT IF they ARE good. It is considered as one of the safest anabolic preparations in the world. Because of enanthate nature, the cycle should last at least 8 weeks but better do it 12 weeks or more. 20130221_g 20130221_g 20130221_g Reply With", 01:16 AM #22 Damn, prey before you order next time. It is utterly efficacious for the recovery purpose. About the Spanish e only way to tell the legit from the counterparts is by the d the size/shape of the blue dot present on the amp. This means that acne, edema, and other negative effects will not be a problem.

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The results of the curing are excellent because it does no harm to children. With 2 pink rings followed by a yellow on top. Reply With", 07:49 PM #24 Unfortunately those are two compounds I wouldn't bother with cause most of the time you ain't getting the dosage the label claims or hormnio you ain't getting what the label claims at test all. In the evening we celebrate shopping get drunk and fucked very hot Russian prostitutes, of course this is not related to gear but just come to my mind. However, low water retention can occur, which is the reason why during preparations for a competition, bodybuilders prefer to use injectable primobolan. Nonetheless, within a brief period of time, its production was obtained by Schering and people started using it for bodybuilding goals. Everything depends on the individual peculiarities of your body. In countries like Spain or Italy, its very hard to obtain these type of without prescription from pharmacy because of laws. Var is also faked? Another recommended cycle is primobolan (600-1000mg per week) and Anavar (Oxandrolone) (60-80mg daily).

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Orals and nt fall for the real low * prices that they offer. The time now is 05:32. It also sustains strength abilities. Am i missing anything? No need to talk. How much would you want for them? The version called Depot is administrated exceso by injections. Furthermore, primobolan lifetime is 5-6 review weeks, so the actual cycle length becomes even more. It can be used by both genders and both will acquire great dividends. The Indications of Primobolan, amongst a great variety of different anabolic steroids, Primobolan surely steps out of the crowd.

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Lots of people round my gym have said that primo is almost impossible to get hold effects of and even sources around side a top gym in london (not going to say the name cos dont want anyone with bad intentions to read this) cant get hold. Reply With", 06:08 PM #18 yeah primo and var almost always fake the amps look fake too Reply With", 03:06 AM #19 Thankx for the advice guys. As us fellow bodybuilders know a high protein diet is essential for muscle gains. Methenolone enanthate does not cause estrogen-related side effects, which is a significant advantage over other steroids. The concentration in both preparations differs and so, it is used differently as well. 1- It is thicker than test p, but still flows like a liquid in the amp (according to the video Primobolan sticks to the walls of the amp and very hard to move around). When using primobolan, muscle build-up is better preserved, though not so rapidly increasing, as with other drugs. I'm almost positive there legit. It will be moderate, cheap helping your speed and power. It is not only effective, due to lower levels of water retention, but it is very useful because of its anabolic nature, which has a positive effect on the development of muscles. Both preparations have the same main active substance, which is called Methenolone (this is a hormone).